Sunjin Vietnam kids members welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, to encourage the spirit of the young members – the future generation of Sunjin Vietnam, on 07/09/2019, with the attention of the Board of Directors of the company, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company held a fun party. Festival and circus show for children, children of design experts, employees in the company. The party was fun to have attracted a lot of child members and parents to participate.

 The children participated in the salty party
In addition to the salty feast and the lively exchange, the young members also watch and admire the animated scenes of the latest variety show with the theme “The Great Wizard of War”. This is the latest show performed by famous artists of the Vietnam Circus Federation with many acrobatic, magic, and comedy performances.

The variety show “The Great Wizard” that the kid members watch together at the central circus