Currently, due to lack of initiative and stereotyping in building design, many school buildings, especially in crowded urban areas, cause many school buildings to always be defective in operation and use. , especially. Built in Cau Giay District, on the basis of detailed studies, handling and making good use of the natural conditions of the land that Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary School and Secondary School works, although located in the crowded new urban area. The casting still achieves the optimum and the comfort of use, starting with the school’s microclimate.


Overall perspective and total ground plan for Nguyen Viet Xuan high school and secondary school

On a land area of ​​15,071 m2, functional blocks of primary and secondary schools are arranged with their backs facing each other. Although lying next to each other, but in terms of functions of use, the campus of the high school and junior high school has certain independence. However, through the scientific evaluation of topographical and topographical factors of the land plot to analyze the layout of functional blocks of both Primary and Secondary schools, in compliance with design standards, ensuring usability – safety, Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary School and Secondary School has been built, which has both achieved modern aesthetic elements, utility, ecology, but especially, very comfortable. organizational condition microclimate – one of the key factors that helps increase operational value, humanism for the project.

The landscape of the courtyard in Nguyen Viet Xuan High School.

Landscape of the courtyard in Nguyen Viet Xuan secondary school block.

First of all, in order to ensure optimal natural lighting and ventilation, because the project campus is located next to high-rise apartment blocks, on the basis of analyzing the solar radiation diagram, planning the master plan It is first to arrange classrooms of both Primary and Secondary schools running in parallel in this direction. With the classroom space, this allows to minimize direct solar radiation at all learning times during the day, including hot and hot summer days. With the courtyard space, shade is also regularly maintained on its own at many times of student play during the day through the arrangement of the organization planning of high-rise building blocks on the front of the area. middle school, as well as the rear part of the elementary school.

In addition, the overall design of the project also highlights the humanity and utility. In order to enhance the convenience and safety of traffic and outdoor activities for students, both high schools and junior high schools are equipped with parking tunnels with the size from 4000 – 5000 m2. In particular, the entrance to the tunnel vehicle is arranged separately from the entrance for teachers and students, often to minimize collisions and traffic accidents. At the same time, along with the organization of the school yard there is a large setback compared to the main gate, 1.8m – 2.2m height from the road floor, allowing synchronous organization of the welcome bay area (for the whole personal convenience or school bus) in front, while minimizing traffic accidents for students, especially creating an interesting, attractive and safe playground space for students. Combining with the empty floor spaces in most of the ground floor areas of the building blocks, as well as the auxiliary spaces (such as libraries, landscape gardens, etc.) allow not only an overall interconnection of the scene. The whole school, between the two schools, also creates a gathering yard, a playground with an interesting utility – full of humanity, especially suitable when the weather conditions are unfavorable, allowing students to At the same time, have fun and explore, take advantage of the time to enjoy reading and entertainment even after school, waiting for parents to take you.

According to architect Trinh Trung Hieu, – Chairman of the technical design of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company, Right from the stage of researching the initial concept design, the organization of the site has been researched by the design team. and methodically, from there, the plan of organizing the total ground plan of Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary and Secondary School (Cau Giay District) was achieved at the same time in terms of aesthetics, convenience factors and humanity.

(Recorded by Hoang Phuong)