Measurement and servey

Measurement and servey

With the advantages of technology and instrument and our high level – skilled experts, the service on measurement and servey of Sunjin Vietnam Company is now being our advantage that contribute to the complex solution to project deverlopment from the beginning stage.

In future, basing on the expert’ skill improvement – instrument modernization – cooperating with other qualify and famous companies in the world, the  service on measurement and servey of Sunjin Vietnam Company will be targeted to reach the high standard, sastisfied all the client’s requirement in the modern time.

Main field of work:

      Topoghraphy servey:

  • Defining the attitude and location of land border point following the invester data support.
  • Measuring on reality attitude, topoghraphy, object inside the project area.
  • Establishing the attitude maps on different scales.
  • Serveying on infrastrcuture systerms, connection point of  water supply system, waste disposal system, power supply system,…

       Geoghraphic servey:

  • Establishing the requirement, platform, technical solution on geoghraphic servey.
  •  Geoghraphic servey drilling, take the specimen support to define the phisical and mechanical datas in the laboratory.
  • Experimenting test on the site following the approval technical solution.
  • Testing the specimen support to define the phisical and mechanical datas in the laboratory (standard qualified laboratory follwing the MOC’s regulation).
  • Evaluating the input datas, establishing the geoghraphic servey report.
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