Project management & imspection

Project management & imspection

Basing on the experiences and strong team of skilled expertd, project management and imspection service of Sunjin Vietnam Company is being along with many big farmous projects all over Vietnam on 3 main field of works: project procurement consultant, project management consultant and project imspection consultant.

Fast speed – precise – effection always is our advantage of Sunjin Vietnam Company’s consultant service.

Main field of works:

  1. Project procurement consultant:
  • Consulting to invester on establishing the project procurement plan (type tenders chosen).
  • Consulting to invester on
  • Establishing the project procurement invitation profile, project procurement requirement of nation wide  procurement type, international, EPC,…
  • Evaluating the tender’s project procurement invitation profile
  • Conslting on tender selection; consulting on project contract negocaition…
  1. Service on input data collecting on  project procurement:
  • The law and regulation datas on project procurement.
  • Supporting on public the project procurement information.
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