Ma.Nguyen Manh Hung

Department of Electrical Engineering, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company

One of the attractive highlights in the central park – 6 Giac Quan garden in Hong Ha Eco City (Thanh Tri, Hanoi), designed by Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company is the artificial stream. , is planned to run winding around the southeast garden. The idea of ​​an artificial stream using recycled water from domestic water that meets Grade A standards before being discharged into the environment, to increase ecological value has been proposed by Sunjin Vietnam architects and engineers. Export from the beginning and resolutely protect in the stages of construction investment.

Diagram and perspective of artificial stream landscape planning with 6 Giac Quan garden in Hong Ha  Eco City (Hanoi)

Cool ecological space with water surface and green trees in the central park today

According to the master plan design, the stream with a length of more than 100m, the width of more than 2m is responsible for creating water surface space, ecological highlight – landscape, and acting as a drainage system for rainwater. , as well as providing water to care for trees for the central park. However, due to the uneven rainfall flow for a long time, the stream frequently dried up or flooded (when the amount of rain is concentrated in a time) did not meet the original requirement. In which, domestic and school wastewater in the whole urban area has been treated to reach grade B according to QCVN14-2008BTNMT and discharged directly to the general drainage system up to 2604 m3 / day and night.

Therefore, Sunjin Vietnam engineers and architects have used a design solution to utilize standard treated wastewater to power the stream, as well as water plants and wash in urban areas. Waste water after being treated at the centralized wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 700 m3 / day and a day will be pumped to the treatment tank by a standard membrane system with capacity (to remove sediment, substances and nutrients. maintenance in wastewater) has reached grade A standards according to QCVN14-2008BTNMT regulations. Next, water is stored in the storage tank and pumped continuously with a maintenance flow of 60m3 / day, allowing a flow velocity of 0.15m / s and always maintaining the water level in the stream at 30-50 cm. With a reasonable water level, sunlight will be used as a natural disinfection support solution. The wastewater after flowing through the stream, at the end of the stream will be collected by the overflow, which helps to ensure the water level is fixed on the whole time. In the stream bed, landscape aquatic species are planted and promoted, becoming a favorable environment for some types of water organisms, small fish contribute to wastewater treatment and better removal of mosquito larvae. .

Design diagram of a standard domestic reuse and wastewater supply system to supply water for the artificial stream

Attractive ecological landscape of the stream for the living area as well as attracting children to explore nature – for entertainment

Today, when visiting the central park in the new urban area Hong Ha Eco City, with the green color of the lawn and the six-sensory area, with the sound of flowing water naturally, the stream flowing. Gliding along the natural slope of the terrain has become an ecological highlight – essential landscape, an essential feng-shui element for the area, as well as a lively and unique park with all kinds of animals – real objects for residents, especially children to enjoy and explore./.