Sunjin Vietnam jubilantly Christmas atmosphere and happy birthday in December 2019

In the Christmas atmosphere of 2019 and the new year 2020 is approaching, although it is very busy with key projects, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture staffs still spend some time to prepare to decorate the office. of the company with playful and creative designs. Along with that are the moments of jubilant sharing of festivals before Christmas 2019.



The team of officials and experts in the company design fun in Christmas 2019

Jubilant atmosphere decorating the company office christmas season 2019

Along with that, Leadership and collective officials announced the company did not forget to give gifts and greetings to the officials, design experts have a birthday in December 2019 this time. Personally, Deputy General Director – KTS Le Van Hao on behalf of the board of directors of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company was present and presented gifts from the company so that every employee could clearly see the solidarity – attachment – Sincerity – warmth among the members of the company and Sunjin Vietnam roof always become his 2nd warm home.

The company’s leaders presented gifts and greetings to the officials and design experts for their birthday in December 2019

Blow out the birthday candles of company officials

The Leadership team and the company’s design staff are present at the ceremony