Arch. Trinh Trung Hieu

Deputy Head of Architecture 1, Sunjn Vietnam Joint Venture Company

In recent years, in the integration trend, design technology on the Revit platform towards synchronous implementation of BIM has been strongly promoted by the construction industry and designers, in order to create comprehensive innovation. design, construction, investment and construction management. With outstanding advantages, this is an inevitable technological trend of the 21st century. To catch up with the trend and create a comprehensive innovation in the quality of design products, Lien Sunjin Vietnam has researched and applied Revit software to proceed to synchronously apply BIM technology platform for building designs nationwide, especially school projects, most typical. is the case of the Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School project (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi). The project is co-chaired by Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company, the design consultant with Kts Trinh Trung Hieu – the lead designer and designers Nguyen Thach Thao, Kts Nguyen  Xuan Hieu are the participants.

Design perspective of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School project (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi)


Building Information Modeling – BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an advanced process applied in the construction industry (AEC) based on digital 3D models used throughout the circle. life of a design, infrastructure, and construction project. BIM is one of the major revolutionary strides in project design, construction and management. The BIM model helps the contractor to create 3D models of projects with full information of the smallest details, updating is always happening continuously and synchronously. These BIM models are much more advanced than 2D, 3D drawings, they are made up of intelligent models with a lot of information, which is changed and updated throughout the project development. judgment.

The advantages of applying BIM technology platform synchronously in stages from design to construction and project management include:

Centralized data management: no need to manually update batches of 2D CAD drawings every time the project is edited. Everything will happen automatically and accurately, just focus on the quality of the 3D design models.
Design visual model: the whole project will be put into a digitized model in the most detailed and accurate way. Each component of the project can be viewed, every smallest detail depending on the level of the model. The investor will easily get the most intuitive view of the project, the structural design team, MEP … easily detect conflicts, optimize the design of details in the space of the building. .
Save cost – time: BIM helps contractors, investors have a more accurate view when estimating investment and cost ranges, all BIM models are in depth and very accurate. Minimize incurring costs and time spent working with consistent data management, avoid loss in storage and document management.
Increased collaborative ability: BIM helps the linkage between the project participants become stronger, from architectural design, structure, MEP, cost estimation … all working on one model uniformly, all information is regularly updated, forming a stream of information throughout.
Reducing Risk: 3D model in BIM has all the elements of an actual building, making it easy to detect conflicts between components in the building, limit the arising during construction, minimize errors. omitted.

The BIM process will revolve around 3D digitized models, and Autodesk is one of the pioneering software vendors and a leader in the development of applications that support the BIM process. In which, Autodesk Revit is emerging to become an indispensable software when it comes to BIM, especially BIM 3D. In recent times, the Ministry of Construction and the construction design community in Vietnam have also received and promoted the pilot implementation of the BIM platform in Vietnam. On the basis of the initial tests in the 5-year period 2015 – 2020, in the coming time, the construction industry will step by step towards standardization and BIM platform regulations will be officially applied in Vietnam. to create synchronous innovation in design, construction, implementation of construction investment, starting with construction investment projects using budget capital.


Over the past years, with quality and professionalism, Sunjin Vietnam has always been trusted by project developers to lead design consultancy, including large-scale school projects in Hanoi. Towards innovating and improving the quality of project design, bringing many advantages and benefits to the project, avoiding unnecessary wastage and waste for school projects, architects and engineer Sunjin Vietnam applied the BIM – Revit platform in school design, starting with the project of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi).

The BIM  applied to the project of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi)


Output of technical drawings of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School project (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi) on the BIM – Revit platform

“Through the initial application of the BIM – Revit foundation at Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School project, shows great advantages in innovation, improving the quality of school design, saving materials costs in construction investment. The application of Revit Architecture and Revit MEP is suitable for time-efficient design, optimizing accuracy and uniformity in the process of modifying design plans and solutions, and intuitive in coupling systems. system, avoid conflict “.

The design implementation of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi) on the BIM – Revit platform also creates maximum conditions for design disciplines such as Architecture, M&E, and Structure. … to interact and join together right from the initial stages of setup, clearly show the professionalism – high expertise.

All construction data information is stored in one common data and when making any modifications and changes, the application will automatically update new one during the working time. Statistics automatically the entire work volume during construction. Always update any new changes in the event of any increase or decrease in the mass of the material. Calculate specific material weight and come up with a simple extraction scheme. It is possible to deploy the detailed structure of the 2D drawing architectures quickly. Especially, you can refresh, share and customize the size of the details to suit the design best. You can easily create architectural shapes to detail and model according to your own thoughts. Especially, it supports smart teamwork.

In addition to some difficulties in the legal corridor (standards – regulations), must comprehensively change the process of design – appraisal – implementation of construction investment, investment in machinery systems – page equipment and especially human resources, on the basis of the experience in applying BIM – Revit technology platform at the project of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School and Primary School (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi), the company Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture will continue to research and promote the application of this platform to improve the professionalism and design quality with key projects across the country, especially school projects in the coming time. ./.

Hanoi, September 21, 2020