Following the idea of ​​planning Hong Ha Eco City New Urban Area following the garden city model of Sweden Arch  – Lars Ladin, in the years 2010 – 2012, the group of architects chaired the design of the joint venture company. Sunjin Vietnam has designed the central park landscape organizational plan including a theme landscape garden called “Six Sence Park” which acts as the central park, the highlight of the value of ecological landscape, play place – rest and relaxation – practice sports, community activities for the whole area.

Diagram of the overall plan and design perspective of the central park – 6 Giac Quan garden made by the architects of Sunjin Vietnam

Green grass is the eye-catching place to relax and relax for people

With an area of ​​nearly 2 hectares, the concept of designing the central park including the “Six Sence” garden aims to evoke and awaken all sensory systems of residents and consumers. enjoy at all ages. Accordingly, in addition to the area of ​​grass, green trees, large artificial hills, the park also includes 6 sub-themed spaces such as: Poetry, Smell, Stone, Taste, Vision, Sound. Each mini-space is organized in the form of a semi-open space that simulates a polar circle with the presence of a walkway, theme greenery, springs, and entertainment facilities. entertainment, awning, chairs, so that while walking in the garden, all senses are awakened and sublimated from color, sound, shape, to floral aroma, to bring understanding nature for children as well as a feeling of relaxation, tranquility for the elderly, health – wellbeing for the youth.

Pathways, steep hills and artificial streams in Six Sence Park

In order to have a unity but characteristic for each theme space, trees in the garden are also selected types and planned planting locations to bring about the effect of not only shade but also decorative colors. Typical statues and fragrances include the old evergreen trees, fat, nacre, … also the mid-range ornamental plants such as mahogany, areca tree, bonsai, yellow flower … and flower trees. Colorful scene such as laurel, red flower hibiscus …

With a master plan with the ring road system of the whole area, limiting radial traffic vehicles, the park with the central location is also a safe walkway for people, especially for children who attend school at all times of the day.

For students and residents, the central park serves as a safe and healthy pedestrian route

After nearly 10 years of implementation, today, when visiting the Six Sence Park at Hong Ha Eco City, every architect and engineer Sunjin Vietnam feels proud to be able to see it. Many images of a lively ecological park with full of activities of children exploring nature, people walking and practicing sports – brings the impression of a special eco-park color is full of life and excitement.

Activities of community activities, entertainment, sports and sports are active in Six Sence Park