Mr. Tran Thanh Tung – Head of Structure 1, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company.

The current trend, as a mandatory requirement to meet the requirements of teaching and learning, in addition to the classroom system, school buildings are always designed to organize many large-span utility spaces such as gymnasiums, swimming pools. swimming, collective dining room. Many of them in recent times use large span concrete girder structures, with high beam sizes, expensive construction costs and especially reduce the aesthetic efficiency and use of space for The building always has strict requirements on the suitability of students’ physiology as well as optimizing the comfort of use. In recent years, the checkerboard beam solution has been applied in a number of school projects such as Yen Hoa Secondary School, school … has effectively replaced the old beam solutions. To clarify this, the reporter had an interview with Dr. Tran Thanh Tung – Head of Structure 1, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company., Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company on this topic.

Pv: From the perspective of a structural expert, according to him, the advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account of the large-span structural designs for utility spaces in today’s school buildings, especially the system Is prestressed girder structure widely deployed now?

Mr. Tran Thanh Tung: Currently, for large span structures in civil engineering in general and schools in particular, structural solutions applying prestressed cable technologies in construction are always commonly applied. in the world and in Vietnam. For high efficiency in large spaces exceeding a span of about 16m, structural engineers often offer solutions applying pre-stressed main girder technology combined with the reinforcement beam system splitting load-loaded floor cells. columns.

The advantages of this type of post-tensioning beam system allow to create a wide usable space with a small girder height. However, due to its complexity, although it is popular, it is still an advanced technology in over-span structures, the organization and construction work requires a professional prestressed cable contractor, as well as a system specialized construction machines. In addition, the girder structure has a large beam width, affecting the aesthetics of the interior and exterior space so to use it effectively. For the type of school building with very high requirements on architectural aesthetics both for the interior and the exterior of the building, suitable for the psychology of the students, to meet the teaching and learning needs of students. and teachers, construction and finishing work often requires the construction of false ceilings in the building’s interior. This significantly increases the investment cost as well as the time of construction and completion of the project.

Design diagram of prestressed beam structure system for school building

Pv: So, on the basis of the projects that have been researched and deployed using the new structure, according to you, what are the advantages in the application of interfering “checkered” high beam structures in space As big as the game floors, swimming pools, and dining rooms of today’s school projects?

Mr. Tran Thanh Tung: As discussed, through the actual implementation of school projects in Hanoi and other cities and provinces nationwide, the design consultant team of Sujin Vietnam Joint Venture Company has clearly recognized the major weaknesses of the stress beam system before applying it to large span spaces in school buildings. Therefore, structural engineers Sunjin Vietnam has developed the design of the “check box” interfering high beam structure solution.

In the application process in a number of typical projects by Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company as the design consultant, such as: renovation project of Yen Hoa Secondary School (Cau Giay District, Hanoi, the application of solutions) The “checkered” interfering high girder structure allows the optimal use of the optimal floor height of the stratosphere, creating an aesthetic effect of the reinforced concrete beams that are arranged in a well-organized and lid.

After the construction is completed, the checkered girder system is very suitable for the decoration and installation of lighting, ventilation, fire protection systems, … without the need for additional installation of false ceiling systems, minimizing investment costs. construct. The reinforced concrete beams themselves not only play a major role as load-bearing structures but also play an important role in beautifying the architectural space because they can combine color and light decoration options.

Thus, the design of high beam interfering “checkerboard” for large spaces such as multi-post rooms, swimming pools, dining rooms … of school projects has many advantages, contributing to efficiency. in terms of architectural aesthetics and structural works, it can be further studied, completed and widely applied in the coming time. Although currently only applied to the limited span of 16m, in the near future, when construction technologies and building materials are renewed, it will be allowed to apply to spaces with a wide span. larger, with more practical effects.

Design and construction of swimming pool space at Yen Hoa Secondary School using checker beam solution


Prof. Tran Thanh Tung – Head of Structure 1, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company, together with a group of engineers perform structural design – electromechanical engineering for many school projects such as Yen Hoa Secondary School (Cau Giay District) and many school buildings as well as other types of works in Hanoi as well as other cities nationwide.


Hanoi, July 2020