On the morning of September 5, 2020, the People’s Committee of Cau Giay District (Hanoi City) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the junior high school in the plot of land with the symbol TH1 in Southeast Tran Duy Hung Urban Area, Trung Hoa Ward ( Cau Giay District, Hanoi). This is the most modern and quality school building in Hanoi that meets all the criteria of a national standard school level 2. The work is co-chaired by Kts Nguyen Quang Hai, Kts Dinh Van Thanh and group of architects. , engineer of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company designed.

Attending the commencement ceremony were representatives of the People’s Committee of Cau Giay District, the Project Management Board of Cau Giay District, the Board of Directors of the Secondary School, and the consulting contractors for design and construction. Architect Nguyen Quang Hai, architect Dinh Van Thanh co-chaired the project design with architects and engineers participating in the project attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Commencement ceremony of construction of the Secondary School at the plot of land with the symbol TH1 in the Southeast Tran Duy Hung Urban Area, Trung Hoa Ward (Cau Giay, Hanoi)

Architect Nguyen Quang Hai, architect Dinh Van Thanh co-chaired the project design – Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company at the ceremony

The work is built on a plot of land with symbol TH1 in Southeast Tran Duy Hung urban area, in the central area of ​​Cau Giay district (Hanoi). With a total investment of up to 270 billion VND, the project is designed with 1 basement and 5 floors with 44 classrooms and full functional rooms according to national standard school level 2. modern architecture, large aperture structure creates a characteristic that is almost not repeated in existing school buildings.

At the commencement of the project: Kts Nguyen Quang Hai – Head of Architecture Department 1, the lead design officer, emphasized: “With the strength of being one of the leading design consulting firms for schools, Joint Venture Company Sunjin Vietnam is always proud to have contributed its efforts to successfully implement the major policy on comprehensive innovation of teaching and learning quality of Cau Giay district as well as Hanoi city. With a superior design and a high level of national standard facilities at level 2, THSC school at Lot TH1 – Southeast Tran Duy Hung Urban Area will be an outstanding architectural work in the heart of the area. a modern city contributes to bringing practical value to the country of tomorrow “

In order to optimize the design to create aesthetics, the architectural plan has eliminated the maximum detail, prioritizing the use of a large aperture structural solution to make the building “fly” more, as well as freeing the vision. from the corridors. Architectural lines are clearly routed. Architectural cubes are smoothly transferred from low to high through the walking ramps on the roof connecting the blocks. Inside and outside the building, the design also arranged to enhance more physical training spaces for students such as 4-season swimming pool, gym, outdoor sports area. The toilets are designed according to the “5-star” criteria, which are spacious, luxurious and comfortable, using modern touch-sensitive sanitary equipment. The entire exterior of the building is covered with high-quality ceramic bricks.

Construction design perspective

In order to ensure the safety and health of students, for the first time in Cau Giay district, the school is invested with an RO water filter system leading to each classroom, ensuring that students use it conveniently and appropriately. more hygienic than a centralized drinking water arrangement.

As a modern school building, green building criteria are also established from the original concept and throughout the design process. Not only is the solution to bring the green color from low to high at the roof of the building, but also applies many solutions using materials to prevent energy loss, using renewable energy and wastewater treatment. Typically, the solar cell system on the roof provides energy to the garden lighting system, the automatic watering system. Modern wastewater treatment system installed in the building ensures water recirculation for reuse for greenery care.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bui Tuan Anh – Chairman of Cau Giay District People’s Committee emphasized: “As an urban district with a fast growing speed of Hanoi city, now the district has more than 9,700 students. To the need to develop the school system in the district is very necessary. The school building was inaugurated today with green criteria, modern architecture, the most synchronous amenities will meet the expectations of the People’s Committee and the people of Cau Giay district, showing pride in innovation. One step high quality of education in the district as well as the whole city ”./.