(Article No 2: Continued)

Along with the advantages of the overall layout, building architecture and the solutions of using new materials also contribute to the creation of comfortable and sustainable quality according to modern standards for Nguyen Viet high school and junior high school. Spring.

The overall architecture of Nguyen Viet Xuan High School and Secondary School

With the solution of organizing classrooms and administrative buildings with high and low height, shielding and circling the centralized yard, the project has basically achieved the durability of high-school and junior high schools. . In the classroom, the building architecture through the organization of long classrooms along the side corridors showed the optimum in lighting and ventilation. In order to ensure high durability, the entire facade of the building uses special exterior tiles, which helps the color of the building’s facade always be bright, free from moss, and limit peeling and degrading in all conditions. severe weather. With unfavorable directions, the facade architecture is supplemented with a sun-shielding system, minimizing solar radiation with a calculated life of up to 40 years. With vivid colors, the sunshade system on the facade also helps the school present with many cheerful colors that appeal to students’ ages.

The overall architecture of Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary School

Architectural facade of Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary School

The facade of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School building from the courtyard

The classrooms are also optimized for natural light according to the standards. Natural ventilation also helps classrooms to significantly reduce the heat of the building during hot weather of the year. In addition to the system of personal lockers in the corridor, in each classroom, a system of self-contained storage compartments in each room is also enhanced. For elementary school, this storage compartment is a storage place for half-board students’ utensils, blankets and pillows. Meanwhile, for the junior high school, is the place to store teaching supplies.

Experiments on the computer model show that the optimal computational design of thermodynamics and microclimate shows the power consumption of electricity for air conditioners for used spaces in attics and classrooms. always low and consistent.

With auxiliary spaces, many utilities are arranged synchronously and independently for each high school and junior high school block such as multipurpose house, swimming pool, dining area, kitchen … in which the kitchen area just arranged comfortable, spacious and airy, ensuring 2 meals a day. The toilets are designed to ensure spacious, clean and well-ventilated. In order to ensure optimal traffic, along with the system of stairs, each school zone will arrange 03 groups of elevators, including 01 dedicated elevator for the multi-purpose building to ensure the functions of people and rows.

In particular, applying the design concept that is asymptotic to the new advanced educational standards in the world, the library blocks have been redesigned according to comprehensive innovation. According to the age psychology, while the library area of ​​the junior high school is designed on the second floor, it is a combination with a small playground into a synchronous complex of spaces for students to read books and letters at the same time. To relax, explore nature, the high school library area is held on the 1st floor. Students waiting for their parents to pick up can read books and read stories simultaneously, helping to increase the value of use as well as Encourage reading habits for young students anytime, anywhere.

Typical floor plan of Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary School

Typical floor plan of Nguyen Viet Xuan Secondary School

With the roof space, keeping up with the trend of green architecture and saving energy, the design also in addition to the slope, also spends a considerable amount of area to arrange an experimental garden on the roof with a variety of systems of trees. small creature, for students’ learning and exploring nature. In addition, the roof space is also the place to install solar battery systems, on the one hand, the building can self-supply a part of “clean” energy for some common essential spaces such as multipurpose houses. The kitchen area, along with that, will more importantly contribute to propaganda and education of knowledge – awareness of using clean energy for students – the new modern Vietnamese citizens in the future.

(Recorded by Hoang Phuong)