Ha Nam telecom office and office project with a construction area of ​​more than 9000 m2, located on the front corner of Le Duan street (Liem Chinh ward, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam). Group of authors MSc Pham Thanh Hung, Kts Nguyen Quang Hai, Kts Trinh Tuan Dung – Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company research and design plans right in 2020. In recent years, the telecommunications industry has always been one of the industries with strong growth as well as the pioneer in using the latest technologies. In order to highlight this element as well as to create a prominent project on the entire axis of Le Duan big street, the work was designed by the team using modern architectural language with the concept of the image ” technology flow ”, on the basis of integrating many functions into a unified geometry.

Pixel flow structure depicted on computer graphics

Beveled cubes and facades architectural language structure “Flow of technology”

With the main block of the central building with a height of 10 floors and 01 basement, to harmonize the viewing angle, limit the “impact” in the field of view at the main observation angles, the design uses beveled cubes. , creating a transition between the main and lateral verticals, with a combination of highlighting the H-symbol at the center of the work where is also the main angle to the intersection. The bevelled corner is also the basis for an impressive entrance hall layout, where it can be conveniently directly connected with other functional spaces horizontally and vertically of the building. Along with the staggered square effect, the building block also conveys the concept of a large bird spreading its wings in the sky.

Inspired by the “flow of technology” in the telecommunications industry, the architectural idea of ​​the building conveys an image of pixels arranged in a gradual motion from two sides into the center of the public. The process, in a layout that changes from clear squares in small numbers then gradually moves in with unlimited increments and more, is depicted on the façade with strong and definitive vertical stripes. . The facade design also uses large glass arrays with the main colors of dark blue and blue, along with a large size blue system made of new materials, to highlight modern and high-tech elements. The work is arranged to include the full functions of a modern office building such as office area, conference hall, meeting room, and many other auxiliary areas arranged integrated in the campus. as well as in the same central building.

Overall perspective and corner perspectives of the building

In order to build a green building and save energy during operation, the project will continue to research design solutions and apply new building materials – save energy such as window systems. using Low-E glass, lightweight wall panels … and many other energy-saving lighting and air-conditioning systems./.