In recent years, Sunjin Vietnam has step by step accelerated the application of digital technology in the management and design of construction investment projects. On the basis of the initial pilot implementation results, in 2021, the company officially applied the BIM – Revit technology platform to the design stages.

Meeting to announce the deployment plan of BIM – Revit technology platform application, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company on February 25, 2021

Technology platform Building information model – BIM with advantages of interaction, visualization, synchronous connection of stages on a unified information model is said to create a great revolution in quality. quantity and efficiency of the design, investment and construction of 21st-century construction works. With the advantage, the design team is young, well-trained professionals who have access to technology platforms. Since the number of words is very early, the application of BIM – Revit technology platforms in the design consultancy phases of the company will help to comprehensively innovate the design consultancy work in the company in many directions such as: Speeding up the speed. design consulting work, Strengthen teamwork according to a lean and intensive model, speed up construction design speed and accuracy (with all contents of architectural, structural, and electromechanical design). , cost estimate …), minimize unnecessary errors in design documents, reduce additional instruction work for designers in the construction process. as well as creating more new service options for customers, reducing the confusion in human resource transfer, making new personnel easier to access into the workflow.


Arch. Tran Nguyen Quang – General Director of the company awarded the decision to establish the Digital Technology Application Research and Development Board on February 23, 2020

Along with the installation of cloud computing technology equipment systems with reputable suppliers, on February 23, 2021, the Board of Directors announced the decision to establish the Application Research and Development Department. using digital technology, including experts led by Kts Trinh Trung Hieu. Along with that, on February 25, 2021, the Company held a meeting to announce the plan to deploy the application of BIM technology. According to the plan, from the first quarter to the end of 2021, the company will accelerate the implementation of 04 main phases including: (1). Updating and implementing the Basic Library System & supporting tool software; (2). Complete the library system classified by project, (3). Mass deployment for important projects, (4). Evaluate the efficiency and draw from experience to perfect the interoperability model – “industrialization” ./.