In the early autumn atmosphere, the opening season of the new school year 2020-2021, the architects and engineers of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company proudly accompany the students in the back-to-school season through public design projects. school program has been, is and is about to be implemented as the lead design consultant.

Construction of Hoa Huong Duong kindergarten (Cau Giay, Hanoi) on September 5, 2020 on the occasion of ribbon cutting ceremony and Children’s Day School Festival 2020-2021.

Leader and design lead of Sunjn Vietnam Joint Venture Company took souvenir photo at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and Children’s Day School Festival 2020-2021, on September 5, 2020

Teachers and the students of Hoa Huong Duong Kindergarten (Cau Giay, Hanoi) eagerly entered a new school year with spacious and modern facilities.

In recent years, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company has chaired the design of many modern school projects with large scale. Typically Le Loi Secondary School (Ha Dong District), Nghia Tan Secondary School (Cau Giay District), Chu Van An Primary School (Tay Ho District), Thanh Xuan Nam Kindergarten (Thanh Xuan District), Kindergarten Anh Sao (Cau Giay District) … These are school buildings with synchronous facilities, friendly and attractive architecture with the psychology of students at all levels, with solutions to ensure space organization. innovating teaching and learning quality as well as meeting safety standards, saving money in construction and operation.

Yen Hoa Secondary School (Cau Giay, Hanoi), chaired by Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company, consulting and designing, renovated and inaugurated on the occasion of the new school year 2020-2021

Continuing the ambitions, in 2020, to continue a number of new school projects designed by Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company, inaugurated and put into use for the opening of the new school year 2020 – 2021 like Hoa Huong Duong Kindergarten (Cau Giay District), Yen Hoa Secondary School and started construction as a secondary school in Cau Giay district on lot TH1 (Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi), as well as many other Other schools in many areas are being studied to design – deploy technical drawings.

With his enthusiasm, the new school designs of Sunjin Vietnam always contain a very high brainpower with the philosophy of “Student-centered”, which organizes many new models of teaching – learning – playing. model of “Multi-purpose classrooms”, model “Movement Tower”, model of “Exchange Hall and Corridor”, model of “Green and Botanical Garden on the roof”, model of “Playground of discovery”, model image of “5-star standard school bathroom”, model “Parking space for parking”, … as well as applying many new advanced technology solutions to bring aesthetic efficiency as well as save money as : checkered floor technology, school earthquake resistance.

Arch. Nguyen Quang Hai, Head of Architecture 2 – Design leader and design team of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company attended the Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Secondary School at Lot TH1, Southeastern Urban Area Tran Duy Hung (Cau Giay District, Hanoi)

Proud to be one of the leading design consulting firms in school building design at all levels, in the coming time, to continue accompanying students on the first day of school, architects and engineers of the company. Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture is continuing to promote research and design of new, advanced – modern – humanistic school models such as Inter-level school model, high-quality school model … that the company is receiving. Investors trust entrustment./.