Currently, the construction industry is promoting the development of the affordable housing segment. In addition to other important factors such as financial support, tax incentives, the synchronization of the overall spatial organization planning of the whole area and the synchronization of social infrastructure in medium-sized housing areas. The pocket money needs to be emphasized to ensure the attractiveness and living comfort for residents, to limit the situation where some social housing areas, although completed, people refuse to move in and have to be abandoned. as some cases have been reported by the media in recent times.

According to Kts Tran Nguyen Quang – General Director of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company: “In order to create attraction for buyers, limit the waste of investment resources, as well as affordable housing with many contributions. contributing to the overall landscape architecture of the whole urban area, one of the key points is that the planning of affordable housing areas must have adequate – synchronous social infrastructure facilities, well meet the needs of the community. living needs of the people. In addition to having a full range of social infrastructure works at a general level such as: green parks, schools at all levels, markets, commercial centers, medical stations, etc., the quality of the above utilities must also be close to the prices. green and ecological”.

Convenient space, sports and interesting and lively ecological park at Hong Ha Eco City New Urban Area (Tu Hiep, Hanoi)

Through the experience of leading the consulting design, planning and architecture of social housing and affordable housing, Hong Ha Eco City (Tu Hiep, Hanoi) and Lai Xa (Hoai Duc, Hanoi), although there are The selling price is very suitable from 15-20 million/m2 of apartments, but through optimal planning solutions, it achieves very high standards of comfort, not inferior to commercial houses.

Having an optimal design, with a reasonable construction density and high floor, allows for a small investment cost, but becomes a great attraction that makes the living area always welcomed by residents and become an attractive destination. a space zone at the highlight of the whole district.

Optimal planning on spatial organization, respecting nature, helps to minimize construction and operation costs of both blocks and urban infrastructure. In addition to the advantage of enjoying the common facilities of health, education, and general services of the whole area, the system of service works in the area is also fully planned, including schools, markets, and shopping centers. .. located in the podium or adjacent to the housing blocks.

Space for entertainment and services in Lai Xa social housing area (Hoai Duc, Hanoi)

The overall space is continuously connected from the outside to the inside, giving priority to walking at short distances to create convenience for people to enjoy convenient and safe movement, especially children. small. The green park area is meticulously researched, has a large area compatible with the whole area, is divided into play areas with very high individuality, with a synchronous and systematic equipment system. The system of indigenous trees and artificial streams are selected and lively combined together to become an ecological highlight, where residents practice sports, explore nature as well as enjoy natural values lasting./.

(Reported by Hoang Phuong)