Structure, M&E design

Along with the architectural design services, structural design, mechanical and electricall (M&E) services, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company is committed to providing technical design solutions with high professional level, ensuring criteria of safety – stability, sustainability – aesthetics – optimal and reasonable, on the basis of the application and mastery of advanced technologies, applying modern structural solutions – systems in the country and the world, effectively applying to many types of projects such as: high-rise buildings, office buildings, public works, educational works, commercial works, cultural works, medical works, …

Specific content:

  1. Consulting to choose structural solutions
  2. Technical design consulting work structure solutions
  3. Consulting design of mechanical and electrical system works (electrical system, lighting system; water supply, drainage, waste and wastewater treatment system; Heat system, air conditioning and ventilation system; communication systems; Fire protection and safety systems; Building management systems; Technical infrastructure design; Technical specification and estimation)