Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Urban planning is one of the best consuntant service that Sunjin Vietnam Comapny is now dominate on the domestic maket and deverlop to international maket in future. With the high quality of our design team include Vietnamese and international experts, the urban planning consuntant service of Sunjin Vietnam Comapny is compound the deverlopment vision – community value – invesment efficient.

The urban planning consuntant service of Sunjin Vietnam Comapny always include the methodical research, full understanding on situation and reality, attached with aspects on sustainable deverlopment and envirroment, bringing the convinient values of 21 century to not only local people but also reginal area and city.

In future, urban planning will be the top priority of Sunjin Vietnam Comapny with the international quality and standard.

Main fied of works:

  • Consultant to investor the prochedule on  establishment, imspection and approval the detail design requirement works, the detail planning works.
  • Establisment the detail planning project, support to investor on mspection and approval prochedule the  detail planning works.
  • Collecting the information that contribute to planning project.
  • Research and propose the ideas of planning, report and collecting the reply comments from investor and relevants agencies on the planning solutions.
  • Consulting to investor and relevants agencies on joining the infrastructure systerm.
  • Organizing and collecting the opinion of local authorities and people on planning project following the entire prochedules.
  • Establisment the detail planning project following the entire law and regulation.
  • Cooperate with the invester on approval the detail planning project.
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