Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Architectural design service is always be one of strong advantage of Sunjin Vietnam Comapny. Inheriting all the value of standard professional work that being implemented after long past time in domestic and international market, the architectural design service of Sunjin Vietnam Company becomes a qualified standard model, on behaft of the modern standard of best Vietnam consultant company.

The design service that aimed at new standard establishment of buiding design about all kinds of building, the architectural design of Sunjin Vietnam Company always toward deverlope the buiding that being not only beautiful apperance but also reaching the identity and modern values. All the issues such as Green building, Smart building…is being implemented on the design that contribute to many augment values, and rasing convinient values of 21 century standards.

Main filed of works:

  1. Making plan and infromation collection.
  • Infromation collection on project’s location, scale and stadard and regulations.
  • General evaluation of project feasiable aspects.
  • Collection the information on Invester’s design requirement.
  • Research on datas about regional planning, general planning that include the design area project.
  • Thu thập thông tin về nhiệm vụ của Chủ đầu tư
  1. Sketching the concept.
  • Sketching, making the total area planning basing on the input datas servey.
  • Research on tiny scale.
  • Draft of architectural and fuction model.
  • Checking the sketch and making the comparision to relevant standards and regulations.
  • Report to investor and collection the reply comments.
  1. Finalize the basic concept design.
  • Making the building plan on fuction and architectural models.
  • Making the 3D models on computer.
  • Making the model (in case invester’s requirement).
  • Report to investor.
  1. Making the negociation of general planning.

     5. Cooperate with investor and authority angencies.

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