Management consulting and examine

The design examines and management consulting service of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company is committed to providing professionalism, contributing to ensuring the quality of the design project, fixing possible errors of design consulting, helping to save investment costs, increase the reliability of design projects.

Specific content:

  1. Examine of design documents (Examining the suitable of designs with investment projects, approved design explanations; Examining the application of standards and regulations; Evaluating the suitable of main structure solutions; Assessment of the safety of the work’s bearing capacity; Assessment of compliance with regulations on environment, fire prevention and fighting; Assessment of the reasonableness of the selection of technological lines and technological equipment for works with technological requirements; Evaluation of the conformity of the technical system with design solutions for construction and other related parts).
  2. Appraisal of prices and cost estimates of works (Verification of total investment of projects, Verification of work construction estimates, Verification of settlements for construction and installation of works / items, Verification of construction estimate norms construction.