Measure, survey

With the power of equipment and technology, together with a team of professionally trained and highly qualified professionals, on the basis of the application of high-tech equipment systems, joint ventures with other a reputable professional unit in Vietnam and abroad, the measure and surveying service of Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company is committed to providing a synchronous solution for project development from the initial survey stages.

Specific content:

  1. Terrain survey consultancy: (Determination of elevation, coordinates of land boundary markers according to the location instructed by the Investor; Measuring altitude of the current state, topography and geology within the land plot; Mapping the current state of elevation of ratios, surveying technical infrastructure systems, water supply connection points, storm water drainage, wastewater, electricity supply …;
  2. Geological survey: (Setting up of geological survey technical tasks, outlines and plans; Survey drilling, sampling to serve physical and mechanical criteria of soil samples (rock, water) in the laboratory; Currently the field testing works according to the approved outline; Soil mechanical testing in the laboratory (standardized LAS Construction Department recognized by the Ministry of Construction); Data processing, making survey report geological survey).